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The GSC team has both in Europe and the US all the necessary competences

to help you scale your company in the US.

GSC is a highly skilled group of experts in the life sciences, medical devices AI and digital health that can advise and assist you with the development of your product and help you grow your venture .

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Franklin Schuling

Franklin Schuling is a HealthTech expert with 34 years of experience, known for his expertise in Sleep & Respiratory, Imaging, Monitoring, AI, and Health Informatics. He was the former head of Philips CTO in North America and Innovation Program Manager. Franklin co-founded e/MTIC and has a vast network in scientific/academic-corporate, VC's, accelerators, med tech partners, and pharma networks in the USA, Dutch & EU.

Franklin's extensive experience in agile innovation management, technology scouting and screening, innovation and IP portfolio building, road mapping, venture building, and coaching entrepreneurial teams makes him an asset to any healthcare company. He provides hands-on support for organizational development, coaching healthcare customers, patients, providers, and clinical research. 

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