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Looking for funding? 

Key to your internationalization strategy is the right funding in place to enable your expansion. 

Grants are an extremely important part of your business development. Difficulty of course is the enormous amount of different grants that are available.


Personalized Grant support plan

GSC helps you identify grants and innovation credits.

Non-dilutive funding helps your venture receive funding for scaling your company. GSC will develop a personalized grant strategy for your venture based on your company's development stage. The scheme will entail both R&D and commercial development grant opportunities. 

Individual grant support

Tim Kievits foto website GSC.png

In 2023, Precision Medicine Lab secured a DHI subsidy from RVO for our demonstration project in Germany, with support from GSC. This grant enables Precision Medicine Lab to demonstrate its innovative NAPing drug discovery  platform and pipeline to German pharmaceutical companies and research organizations. The support offered by GSC played a crucial role in facilitating a seamless application process, which included writing the application and maintaining effective communication with RVO throughout.

Tim Kievits - CEO Precision Medicine Lab

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