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Workshop : My US Market Strategy - How to THINK and ACT SMART
Workshop : My US Market Strategy - How to THINK and ACT SMART

Thu, 30 Mar



Workshop : My US Market Strategy - How to THINK and ACT SMART

The aim of the workshop is: to give strategic insights that help you find a way to work in a marketplace as free as possible from your competitors.

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Time & Location

30 Mar 2023, 09:30 – 17:30

Rotterdam, Blaak 31, 3011 GA Rotterdam, Netherlands

About the event

My US Market Strategy Workshop


March 30th, 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM  at Loyens & Loeff Rotterdam

Address: Blaak 31, 3011 GA Rotterdam

The aim of the workshop is to help you THINK and ACT SMART, so you can apply the same framework with your own teams using your own products. During this one-day workshop you will work in teams on a business case, devising a strategy to bring a new product into the US market. You will implement a proven strategic framework that is based on a view that market boundaries and industry structure are not a given and can be reconstructed by the actions and beliefs

of the market’s players.

The aim of the workshop is to help you THINK and ACT SMART, so you can apply the same framework back home with your own teams using your own products.

The United States is the world’s largest single market, with very attractive reimbursement so offers the greatest returns. However, it’s also the world’s most competitive market! Let’s accept you have a great product. Entering the United States takes innovative strategies, excellent tactical execution and considerable resources – you have to think and act SMART. Standing out in this new environment means doing things differently and doing different things.

1 Workshop part 1 – Diagnostic Framework

Captures the current state of play in the defined market space. It allows you to clearly see the factors that an industry competes on and invests in, what buyers receive, and the strategic profiles of the major players.

2 Workshop part 2 – Demand Perspective

We aim to identify the Buyer Experience so as to help you to think from a demand-side perspective. It outlines all the

levers companies can pull to deliver exceptional utility to buyers as well as the various experiences buyers can have with a product or service.

3 Workshop part 3 – Value Innovation

Value Innovation is the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost, creating a leap in value for both buyers and the company. Because value to buyers comes from the offering’s utility minus its price, and because value to the company is generated from the offering’s price minus its cost, value innovation is achieved only when the whole system of utility, price, and cost is aligned.

4 Workshop part 4 – Latent Demand

This analytic framework assumes there are three tiers of noncustomers. The exercise helps you to gain an insight into the latent demand you can tap into when you have identified uncontested space. Typically, to grow their share of a market, companies strive to retain and expand their existing customer base.

Leader of workshop THINK and ACT SMART!

Michael Piccirillo has spent 40 years in various sectors in healthcare - pharma, diagnostics, biotechnology, and medical devices and non-profit organizations.  For 10 years Michael was the Executive Director of AO Spine and AO Trauma. With his company Valugen he actively engages in designing new solutions for surgeon-education, managing Key Opinion Leaders and on developing and executing competency-based learning programs, KOL / Customer engagement strategies.

Register and pay before Thursday March 23. 

For more information, contact us:

Greetje de Kleuver, Global Scale-up Company, by e-mail 

or phone (+31 6 524 138 04)

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