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The GSC team has all the necessary skills to help you scale your company in Europe and in the US

GSC is a highly skilled alliance of experts in life sciences, medical devices, AI, and digital health that can advise and assist you with the development of your product and help you grow your venture.

Michael Piccirillo

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Michael trained as a Medical Microbiologist in London but has spent 40+ years in the business side of different medical industries - pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and biotechnology working in both the “for-profit” and “non-profit” sectors.

As a VALUE GENERATOR, Michael supports SMEs to uncover profitable markets and translate innovative ideas into concrete, sustainable businesses. Critically, Michael challenges the status quo and assumptions and helps organizations to rethink why, how, and what they do. When teams are aligned to new possibilities, Michael helps create detailed and realistic plans to ensure efficient and effective execution and targeted returns on investment.  
Michael’s role inside the GSC is to help contracting companies expedite their entry into new markets, implement strategies and build customer communities that change, reshape, and lower the risk of the product life cycle by moving it to the left. 



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