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The GSC team has all the necessary skills to help you scale your company, in Europe and in the US

GSC is a highly skilled alliance of experts in the life sciences, medical devices, AI, and digital health fields that can advise and assist you with the development of your product and help your venture grow.

Niek Alofs 

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With over a decade of expertise, Niek Alofs is a seasoned professional committed to propelling Dutch startups and scale-ups toward their growth goals. His unique skill set, shaped at the intersection of government and corporate sectors, focuses on formulating and executing growth strategies. As the founder of Alofs Business Consulting, Niek excels in business and concept development, specializing in crafting non-dilutive funding strategies to secure essential resources for scaling operations.


Beyond financial expertise, Niek adopts a holistic approach to business growth, connecting ventures with governmental and semi-governmental organizations at national, regional, and European levels. This strategic alliance-building opens avenues for additional resources crucial for sustained growth. Niek's rich professional background includes contributions to Heineken, Philips, Oost NL, and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economic Affairs.

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