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The GSC team has all the necessary skills to help you scale your company in Europe and in the US

GSC is a highly skilled alliance of experts in the life sciences, medical devices, AI, and digital health fields that can advise and assist you with the development of your product and help your venture grow.

Dr. Jan Hunik, PhD

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Dr. Jan Hunik is a seasoned medical device C-level business builder with international experience, including in the US. As CEO and Co-founder of ATRO Medical, he raised €6.3M venture capital and obtained €3.6M in grants. Prior to founding ATRO Medical, Jan was the strategy director at DSM Biomedical, where he successfully led the preparation of strategic growth via acquisitions, building comprehensive knowledge of valuation, M&A processes, and deal-making.


  • Create solid value propositions and potential revenue models.

  • Deep understanding of the regulatory pathways in both EU and US for the certification of medical devices.

  • Supporting you in transforming a brilliant innovation into a valuable business.

  • Finding venture capital and grants.  

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