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Our programs are uniquely designed to make your venture ready for a winning product launch. Our programs are specifically developed for ventures in life sciences and medical devices and take place in the US and Europe. 

For you?

You are a venture team, 1 to 3 years from launching your product, moving your focus from technical innovation to business preparation. You understand that business insights become critically important for success. You have challenges such as: What makes your company attractive for investors? How do you prepare best for a next-investor round? Which countries should your product be launched in? How do you prepare for marketing the product? What should the management team look like in a business environment?


The program combines in-depth training and mentoring by some of the best serial entrepreneurs, marketing experts, and investors from the United States and Europe. The program is US- and Europe-based for teams who want to be maximally prepared for their scaling-up. Scaling-up involves finding a next investor, scaling-up with a (corporate) partner, and finding the best entrance strategy to new markets. Mentors can guide you through this complex decision process and connect you with experienced experts around the globe. Our experts provide you with honest feedback to push you further.

It is a unique combination of a global investment journey, training, and mentoring that helps you truly learn in a pressure-cooker setting and apply your learning to your global business strategy. Participants will be able to pitch to US and European investors, develop adequate branding and marketing of the overall venture, and meet partners from the United States and Europe within a very short time. All this takes place in a warm, personal, and open atmosphere as a fertile ground to learn, develop in-depth contacts, and make the right strategic choices.

The razor-sharp mentoring program pushing your global business strategy to market launch. The added-value of the program to your venture:

  • Learn how to strategize your market positioning and launch within 1 to 3 years

  • Know how to systematically look for the optimal market entry points for your business and select the optimal partner or investor

  • Experience different techniques to get inside your US and European customers’ heads and translate this to your venture branding and communication

  • Quickly scan US market
    exploration in key regions for your venture within ten days


  • Learn to think as a global formal investor and translate this to your own venture proposition

  • Practice how to convincingly pitch for US and European investor audiences

Progams & events

Specifications of the Global Scale-up Program

  • Tailored to the specific needs of ventures in life sciences and medical devices

  • Based on proven venture assessments to provide you with valuable feedback on where and how to improve your venture for scaling-up

  • US and European mentors guide you in your business decision-making process in an objective, honest and trusted setting

  • Exposes you to pitching in a pressure-cooker setting for real-life investors in the United States and Europe

  • Simulates real-life decision making

  • Allows for personal access to a dedicated top-league global network in the United States and Europe to deepen and expand your global network

'Make your venture ready for a winning product launch'

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